Broadening the horizons of urban youth through travel, culture, service, and experiences.

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Who We Are

Established in 2013, TWIYO dismantles systems of disadvantage facing inner-city youth through exposure, experience, service and travel. We believe that exposure, experience, and travel change lives by creating essential bridges between the world youth presently know and the world at large. Our Programs promote youth's awareness of, and participation in global perspectives while cementing their valuable place within the world they will inherit as adults.

Our Mission

The World is Your Oyster dismantles systems of disadvantage facing inner city youth through exposure, experience, service and travel.

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Hear Directly From Our Youth

"Something that really stayed with me from TWIYO's Leadership Development workshops were the leadership essentials to live by, and especially the one that said be comfortable with being uncomfortable—because I tend to dislike going out of my comfort zone."


St. Therese Youth Ministry

 "I learned to never turn my back on myself and always follow your heart when it comes to going after my dream career "


Dream Career/Side Hustle SYEP Workshop Participant